OutMyMind (Prod. by Mandog)

by Willis

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yellin college ave if you fuckas need evidence.


[Verse 1: Willis]

I been out my mind going crazy for the hell of it. Tell em tell a bitch

I'll forever be a part of something relevant

I'll forever be lookin to where I never been and yellin college ave if you fuckas need evidence

What set? Thug vets be meddlin

Witnessing a vision of religious drug peddlin

Graceland avenue.. Still afraid to intersect it..

So I took the album cover right up on the intersection

Oh god. Man I gotta move

I see em blowing up and fuck it man I want it too

Roll up at the house party. Peace to Drayco

Throw them sets up if you wanna get the pay load. Lay low

Motherfuckers in my face tho

What you fucking up my day fo???

All I really wanna do is rap

Fuck a local rapper popping out the couldesac

I'm working food service for minimum wage and I’m waitin bi weekly for the money in my bank

Mean while man I'm going broke, going broke

Meanwhile brother nodding off doing dope

Meanwhile momma still paying bills

When I told her that I'd make it all real. And I will

But I'm still just a piece of shit rapper with a website

And "Fuck the world" be my sex life

[Verse 2: Willis]

I got a problem can you help me out?

I hate myself, and confident that Ima let you down

Reminisce as a kid I'm convinced..

I been depressed ever since!! Fuck it. Oh god

Livin with it till I die

And I ain't getting rich until I try

I ain't gonna make shit till I feel the the vibe

This make me sick, so tell me which type of ill am I?

Is it all my head? Is it all gon make em follow if I talk like I'm dead?

Ima fall in my bed. Or make a song, or instead..

Ima empty out my mind like I got shot in the head. Oh god

They on the block poppin lead.. remember when they beat me in the street till I bled

White sheets, red drops in my bedspread

My best bet to forget what's in my head or accept it..

Fuck it man I guess it's good

Still ridin round slow in the neighborhood

Rapping and they tell me that I can't do what a label could

Shit.. I guess I'll do it if the paper's good

I'm the man. I'm the man. Are yo papers good?

I'm the man. Immigrate and Ima stay for good

I'm the man so tonight Ima lay the wood..

But I'm still unstable


released August 2, 2016
Produced by Mandog



all rights reserved


Willis Indianapolis, Indiana

The Misfit.

district nine, district mind.

For booking/features: manage.willis@gmail.com

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